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Chiropractic and Massage: Are They Good Together?

Person getting a back massageSome things just go well together, like bacon and eggs. A paper and pen. Milk and cookies.

But chiropractic care and massage?


At our practice, we’re often asked if you should get a massage before or after an adjustment, and whether or not one is better for your body than the other.

In the vast majority of patients, it doesn’t matter which order you get a massage or an adjustment—so you can enjoy a massage first before a gentle adjustment, or the other way around.

There’s also no need to worry about a massage ‘ruining’ your adjustment—in fact, a massage can help your joints and muscles remain loose, so they won’t be pulling your spinal bones out of alignment as they may if they were tense.

A Perfect Pair

Massage can do wonders for the body, just like chiropractic. At Becker Chiropractic and Acupuncture, we’re big believers in the two working together to promote natural healing in your life. If you’re someone who tends to get sore after a massage, it may be ideal for you to take a day or two to recover before being adjusted by a chiropractor—though it’s entirely up to you and how you’re feeling.

The best thing you can do? Listen to your body and what it’s telling you that it needs.

If you’re wondering if you’re a candidate for chiropractic care, massage therapy or both, we’d love to invite you into our practice to learn more about your natural health goals. Feel free to contact us for an appointment today!

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