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Meet Dr. Derek Virgl

Discovering Chiropractic Care


Meet Dr. Virgl

Always having an interest in health, Dr. Derek was aware that he wanted to help people get healthy and stay that way. While a senior in college, he was a decathlete at Nebraska Wesleyan University. This took a severe toll on his body—upon waking up one morning, he could barely walk. That day he decided to go see an old family friend who was a Chiropractor for the first time. He was amazed with his results and was able to rejoin track practice the very next day.

This put chiropractic at the forefront of Dr. Derek’s mind. The rest, as they say, is history!

Upon graduating with a Bachelors of Science, Dr. Derek attended the renowned Cleveland University-Kansas City where he received his Doctorate of Chiropractic.

Helping Others Live Their Best Life

For the past year, Dr. Derek has spent time treating patients in the outpatient clinic at Cleveland University-Kansas City as well as The KC Care Clinic and Kansas City Veteran’s hospital. In addition, he enjoys serving people all over the world as he participated in a Medical Mission trip this past August to Ghana, Africa.

While he enjoys helping patients from all walks of life experience the many benefits of care, one particular story stands out to him.

DrVirglAfrica“A patient of mine had been having headaches for a year that left them completely debilitated, they had received just about every type of medical treatment (including chiropractors) and advanced imaging available but still was left without any answers. As a last option, they came to the University Clinic. My clinician handed me the assignment and the head of Cleveland’s research department and I put together a treatment plan consisting of rehabilitation exercises, dietary advice and passive modalities. After just a few
weeks, the patient’s headaches were greatly lessened, and they were again able to live the life pain had stolen from them.”   –Dr. Derek

Outside of the Practice

When he isn’t changing lives at Becker Chiropractic, Dr. Derek enjoys being active outdoors, spending time with his nephews and volunteers at his local church.

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