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Becker Chiropractic and Acupuncture Reviews

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Dr Becker and staff were amazing. So kind and helpful, really put you at ease and give you hope with their all their knowledge
– Jim T.

I’ve seen my fair share of chiropractors in my time. I will honestly say after leaving Dr Becker’s office I felt like a million bucks physically and extremely confident in his ability to help me get through my discomforts.
– Alex S.

We felt like we would definitely be able to receive good care here and I was especially grateful for the time and attention you gave to making my 2 year old son’s experience comfortable and enjoyable. He loved it there and talked about it for several days after.
– Nannette C

Many of the health care professionals I’ve been to over the years have unfortunately been dismissive when I described my symptoms to them, so it was really refreshing to have one take me seriously and actually look into what I was describing and find out the source.
– Valerie M.

When you take time off work for an appointment, you want to be seen on time. Dr. Becker was very prompt and respectful of my time, yet didn’t make me feel rushed through my appointment. He took the time necessary to get me the treatment I needed for my lower back pain. I highly recommend Dr. Becker and his office staff.
– Samantha B

Really enjoyed my visit. I am new to the area and I was looking for a chiropractor for my stubborn back and neck issues. I will say, that I have found my go to Doctor. The staff was personable, easy to make an appointment, very clean facility and easy to get to. The service took about 20 minutes. They put me on a roller machine and then I was seen for an adjustment. I work 8 hours a day behind a computer and I get neck and back cramps from time to time. The doctor quickly identified my problem areas and I was able to work out the pain.
– Fetneh W.

All the staff was very helpful and kind. I had never been to the chiropractor so was a little nervous about the process, during the visit Dr. Becker explained how the process was going to be, what he was doing each step of the way. All this helped calm any nerves I had.
– Ashley K.

They went out of their way to be very personable and make sure I understood what was going on, and made sure I was 100% comfortable. They proceeded to take care of me my first free consultation and understood my hopes and wishes for this outcome. The communication and client doctor relationship they strive for is everything I could want in any doctor.

From the moment my kids and I walked in the door Nicole greeted us by name. That left a lasting impression on myself and my kids. Very welcoming. I also appreciate the attention you showed my kids to make them comfortable and the detailed explanation of what was going to happen as this was their first time at a chiropractor. They couldn’t wait to tell their dad all about their experience when we got home. We are looking forward to working with Dr. Becker while we navigate through our daughter’s stomach problems. Thank you!

Thank you, Dr. Becker, for taking a girl who was scared to go to the chiropractor, to healing me and making me feel back to normal! You also do a great job at answering questions, in a way that not only shows you care but also fully explain it to someone who knew nothing about chiropractic when I first became a patient. You and your staff are incredible! Thank you!
– Michelle

I write reviews on most places I do business and I am not always as eager to recommend doctors or physicians. But Dr. Becker made me feel more welcome and at ease than I would have ever expected to feel in a chiropractic office. I went in because I was sore from sleeping on my neck wrong and the pain was not subsiding. Dr. Becker worked me in the very afternoon I called and I felt great when he was done. If you are having neck or back problems I would definitely stop in and at least talk to him. Thanks Dr. Becker!

Dr. Becker is excellent. He’s very gentle, very kind, and very professional! He listens to your concern and does a very good job at explaining what he is going to do. His receptionist is fabulous as well, always welcoming you into their practice. Very friendly and caring. I would highly recommend this office.

I’m happy Becker Chiropractic and Acupuncture has such a gentle way of adjusting for those desiring gentle and effective adjustments! What an asset to the Omaha community!

I highly recommend Dr. Becker! I had shoulder problems for several years and it was getting worse. I could hardly move my arm without pain. I did physical therapy, a cortizone shot and an orthopedic said the next thing was surgery. I am so amazed! I am pain free and can use my arm and shoulder in normal activities again, of which I was afraid I would never be able to do and just had to live with it or have surgery. I cannot say enough about my work with him. He also explains everything in detail and helps you to understand what is happening and what you can do to prevent anything in the future. He and his wife are also really great people. Very caring and genuine!

Thank you, Dr. Becker’s office is great. They are always on time, so I never have to worry about my appointment making me run late for something else. He is great about explaining everything to me. If I have questions regarding my treatment he is always willing to answer all of them for me. I have never felt better. Thanks Dr. Becker.

My experience was amazing. I have had shoulder pain for over a year and kept thinking it will just get better over time. It did not improve, so I made an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon. My trainer at the gym said, “don’t do that, go see Dr. Dane, he will fix you.” That is exactly what I did, and two hours later I felt wonderful! Thank you!!
-Kelli W.


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